Wow!  What a conference!  That would be one way of describing Rhea's Entrepreneur Days held in Nashville, TN August 3-6.  We provide a review of the conference speakers so you can determine whether or not this conference would be of use to you in advancing your own financial goals.  Speakers included Joel Comm ("Dr. Adsense"), John Taylor Gatto, Bob Circosta of the Home Shopping Network, Adam Ginsberg (Titanium Power Seller on Ebay), David Hancock of Morgan James Publishing, and others.  (NOTE:  If you attended a workshop and are willing to review it, please contact us.) 

Rhea Perry spoke on topics pertaining to educating your children to become successful entrepreneurs.  Her qualifications for this include her own children, a proven track record with home schooling, and her present success as a mother and entrepreneur.  Her sessions are informative and enjoyable.  Sit up front.  You'll be very glad you did.

Drew Perry, her son, shared his story of how he became a real estate entrepreneur at the age of 18.  By age 21, he had acquired enough income to help bring his Dad home from corporate America.  Drew's story is very inspiring, and it shows parents the importance of making home schooling relevant to actual skills needed in adult life.

Mauricio Martinez of Online Small Business Consulting was supposed to talk about how to get out of debt.  The actual session involved more of his personal story and less actual steps that a familiy or business owner can take to reduce or eliminate debt.  Additionally, he spent too much time selling his product.  This one needs work.

Bob Circosta of the Home Shopping Network spoke Friday afternoon.  This session was simply delightful.  Bob is extremely gifted at what he does, and in his presentation, he provides very practical advice on how to change your perspective in marketing your product or service.  Group interaction and video examples help drive home his point.  He also offers information on how to determine if your product or service is something that would make a good fit for the Home Shopping Network.  (Did you know that they reach 85 MILLION homes???)

John Taylor Gatto, author of numerous books which rip the veil off of American public education spoke.  John wasn’t really there to sell anything, and the crowd consistently encouraged him to continue speaking past the time allotted for him.  It was very enjoyable to hear the stories of various children whom he had the privilege of helping to develop from troubled youth to serious business entrepreneurs.  You should read his book Dumbing Us Down.

On Saturday, Adam Ginsberg spoke on Finding Success on eBay.  His session was entertaining, informative and motivating.  Simply hearing the many different types of items which do sell on eBay encourages one to at least try.  (At the Nashville conference, there was one family with eight children who make their living selling rare and/or out of print books on eBay.)  Adam gives practical tips for improving your eBay listings.  If you are interested in learning more and can’t make it to the conference, you should consider purchasing his book.

John Dessauer gave a presentation on how he got into the business of buying multi-family real estate units.  If you’re like me, real estate is something that I find interesting and want to do more with, but finding the right entry point can be a challenge.  John shares how he has leveraged debt for purchasing units, how to do a basic analysis of property value and creative thoughts on how to take an existing multi-family unit and create greater value with a few minor changes.

Chris Howard and Heather Kirk spoke on the topic Branding for Success.  Their company’s work is in high demand among a number of Internet marketers.  I was really looking forward to this session.  However, the gist of what I took away from this session is, "Branding is a good thing, and you should do it."  Well, I was already convinced of that.  I was hoping for some practical guidance on how to begin to brand my product.  This session along with Mauricio Martinez and Chris Verhaegh's sessions were the ones that left me feeling "sold to" the most.

Chris Verhaegh‘s talk on The Basics of Stock Market Options was one of the biggest disappointments of the conference for me personally.  Chris is a big success story of someone who started with a little and developed it into a whole lot.  He has traded well over a billion dollars in the stock market.  The website stated that he would share how to analyze businesses to determine value along with talking about the stock market in terms anyone can understand.  What he did was share several stories of people he has met over the years who have been successful in stocks and business.  While the stories were interesting, I left with no practical steps to take to begin — except to consider buying into his training group.  Perhaps a reflection of how the other speakers gave good tips to the audience would be helpful for the next time Chris speaks. Either that, or change the website description to say, "Chris will share stories" so the expectations are different.

After being put on the emotional ropes, I was delighted to listen to Matt Bacak talk about the Secrets of Internet Marketing.  Matt is a down to earth guy who doesn’t beat around the bush about what to do and why to do it.  For sheer content, this was one of the best sessions at the conference and well worth the price of the conference just to get his information.  He listed numerous tips on how to market to people on the Internet and gave URLs of sites, services and software that he himself uses.

The dinner provided on Saturday was top notch.  There was live music, and afterwards, there was live entertainment.  I won’t spoil it for you if you are going to the Los Angeles conference.  But I will tell you DON’T SKIP THE DINNER.  They also hold drawings for people present.

On Sunday, Rhea Perry spoke to all the women.  I can’t give a review on this because I wasn’t invited.  If you attended this session, I would LOVE to post your review of this session here.

There was a non-denominational service led by Ken Pounders.  Ken is a "go get 'em" kind of guy who has a message that you need to hear.  You will be inspired.

David Hancock of Morgan James Publishing gave an excellent talk on the new opportunities in Entrepreneurial Publishing.  I was elated to attend this session since he gave plenty of information for someone who is thinking about writing a book.  While he would love for you to publish your book through his company, he gives advice on other ways to go about it.  As a successful New York publisher, David’s company has a great system in place for taking people like me and you and turning us into published authors with very little investment.  If you have EVER considered writing a book of any kind or know someone whom you think should write a book, DON’T MISS THIS SESSION

The final speaker for the day was Morgan Westerman, the author of the popular "An Interview with God."  He shared the story of how this incredible success story happened.  Then he also gave steps on how to go about developing buzz or viral marketing for our own products.  Don’t get an early flight and miss this session.  It is a MUST.

Things you should know BEFORE atending the conference.

  • You will be given a ticket for drawings.  Keep this inside your pocket or notebook at all times.  Drawings are held often.
  • If you want to have lunch with a particular speaker, ask them upon arrival.  These people will be happy to eat with you and answer your questions or just discuss life.  I had lunch with one of the key figures at Morgan James Publishing on Sunday just by asking.
  • Bring a box of business cards.
  • Children are welcome to attend.  There were a good number of home school students at the Nashville conference, and their participation was actively encourage.
  • There are chess boards in the lobby area for use by children or adults.  This provides great fun as well as networking opportunities.
  • Register early to get a hotel room.
  • Many speakers give away items during their presentations.  Sit up front and participate.

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