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Draw and Write Through History

Carylee Gressman has developed some really neat books for homeschoolers or parents who wish to further their child’s art education. Her method uses the natural progression of history and includes simple step-by-step drawings which most children will find easy enough to follow. I hesitate to give an age limit on this, as some children’s motor […]

The Runaway Jury, Grisham

John Grisham is a well known fiction author whose specialty is riveting mysteries, usually involving some aspect of the legal profession.  The Runaway Jury has much to be said for the storytelling part, but there are issues as with most Grisham novels.  This review is written as a bit of an open letter to John […]

Professional Xen Virtualization, von Hagen

For the computer professional who has considered consolidating server load using any of the popular server virtualization technologies available, William von Hagen’s book is a must read.  We give the book a solid review in the full article.

Dusty Mole Private Eye, Davoll

Barbara Davoll is an author best known for her Christopher Churchmouse series.  However, she has written other works.  One of the lesser known series is the Molehole Mysteries.  We review the first book in the collection, Dusty Mole Private Eye.

Pyramid, Macaulay

David Macaulay is well known among educators for his books which educate the reader on the intricacies of subjects such as Medieval fortresses, New England mills and cathedrals.  One of his early works is his classic book on the pyramids.

Less Than Entirely Sanctified, Hall

Cartoon and comic books have always been enjoyable to me.  Religious-themed books are humorous simply because there is so much that goes on in and around church that is funny.  Doug Hall’s book takes a look at church in a way that allows for laughter without inviting sacrilege.

A Fine and Pleasant Misery, McManus

It was my brother who first introduced me to Patrick McManus stories way back when he was regularly published in Field and Stream Magazine.  This collection contains some of his early, and, in my opinion, most humorous works.

The Healing Power of Pollen, Hanssen

What is pollen? Can it really make you healthier? Do bees get hay fever? What are the health benefits of royal jelly? These are the kind of questions that come to mind when people think about the products that come from the honey bee. We review the book and provide some answers here.