David Macaulay is well known among educators for his books which educate the reader on the intricacies of subjects such as Medieval fortresses, New England mills and cathedrals.  One of his early works is his classic book on the pyramids.

David Macaulay, 1975
ISBN 0-395-32121-2 (PB)
ISBN 0-395-21407-6 (HB)

For those unfamiliar with Macaulay’s work, he is an excellent artist.  He has been described by Time magazine as being the best in the world at what he draws.  Thus, his books are filled with high quality pen and ink illustrations.

The Pyramid book covers one of the main theories of the construction of the pyramids by following a fictional character, Mahnud Hotep, an architect who is charged with the construction of a great pyramid for the reigning pharaoh.  The time period is 2400-2500 B.C.

Macaulay follows the steps that the architect takes all the way from drawing the plans, to clearing and preparation of the building site to determining true North, through the actual construction process.

Although each double page spread is filled with illustrations, the reader is not left short on actual written descriptions.  The story line is well written, and the reader is made to feel a part of the process that the architect underwent during the project.

Parents might find objectionable an illustration on pg 74 depicting the funeral scene of the pharaoh in which two Egyptian women are viewed from the back and side without tops.  Other than that, the book serves as a well written and illustrated insight into the development of one of the world’s great wonders:  the pyramid.

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