John Grisham is a well known fiction author whose specialty is riveting mysteries, usually involving some aspect of the legal profession.  The Runaway Jury has much to be said for the storytelling part, but there are issues as with most Grisham novels.  This review is written as a bit of an open letter to John Grisham as well as to our readers.

The Runaway Jury
John Grisham, 1996
ISBN 0-440-22147-1 
The essence of the plot is that Big Tobacco is facing yet another lawsuit.  However, because of the location of the trial, there is some fear of the unknown on the part of the conglomerate and their behind-the-scenes attack dog, Fitch.  When Fitch is contacted by someone outside the jury who seems to be able to predict and possibly control the actions of the jurors, the action heats up, as Fitch anticipates an opportunity to make a big money deal which sends a verdict the way that the industry needs.  The ending is, of course, a bit of a twist on what one might expect to occur, although it is foreshadowed.
 I've read a handful of Grisham novels.  John, you've done a great job of writing books which keep the reader tied into the story line.  You have a handy way of turning phrases and developing characters. But I have to say I'm sorely disappointed that you find it necessary to use cursing and swearing in your novels.
I have a friend who has read all of your books.  He told me, "At some point, John became a Christian."  So I tried to look at books with later dates than the first couple I read thinking that perhaps I was reading the "unsanctified" John Grisham versus the "clean minded" John Grisham.  (I've read The Client, The Broker, The Last Juror, The Runaway Jury, and A Painted House.)
I haven't seen a major difference.
A little more research indicates that you have been a believer the whole time.
So my question is, "Why?"  Why use your incredible talent for telling stories and sully it by interlacing the story with swearing, profanity and abuse of the name of Jesus?  (Did they really approve of taking the name of the Lord in vain in the church you grew up in?)  Why interject nudity and casual sex into what are already compelling works of fiction based on the character development alone?
After reading a handful scattered across several years, I lost hope that John would write a book which was clean.  It's not enough to use a gift which is given to you by God.  The key is to use that gift in a way which honors the name of the One who gave it.
If I've missed one of your novels which fits that criteria, please let me know.  You really are a great storyteller.
Until then, I can't really recommend them to others to read as "Family Friendly."