Cartoon and comic books have always been enjoyable to me.  Religious-themed books are humorous simply because there is so much that goes on in and around church that is funny.  Doug Hall’s book takes a look at church in a way that allows for laughter without inviting sacrilege.

Less Than Entirely Sanctified
Doug Hall, 1992
ISBN 0-8308-1833-2
Doug’s work has appeared frequently in Leadership Journal, for those who are familiar with that publication.
A couple of my favorite cartoons from the book are the preacher standing before a large congregation and saying, “Tonight’s service is at 7:00 Eastern Time.  That’s 6:00 Central Time for you folks back in the balcony.”
Then there is the repairman who comes to look at the church furnace with the pastor standing next to him.  “Your furnace is pretty outdated.  I can see the footprints of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.”
This book may be difficult to find new.  However, it is still available through used outlets.  I would recommend it for families or children.  Doug’s treatment of church life is humorous without crossing the line.